Spiritual Bath Bomb

No need to hunt down all the right ingredients to get the job done! We have it all here in one place already blended for you!

Spiritual baths are a cleansing for the spirit and mind. They're meant to be a sort of reset button for your energy, and they can even help you set meditative intentions.

Self-care is a compassionate act! The more in-tune you are with your personal power and intentions, the more good you can do for yourself, and in-turn, for the world!

Not your typical bath bomb. Actually, it's not a bath bomb at all. It's a delicate blend of Baking Soda, Epsom Salt,  Dead Sea Salt, Kaolin Clay, Goat Milk Powder, Chamomile, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lavender, Rose, Eucalyptus, and polysorbate 80. No citric acid. 

These powerful herbs, salts, and oils have been known to aid in cleaning negative energy from your chakras and aura. While the clay is best known for drawing toxins from the body leaving you feeling lighter and cleaner from the inside out.

One bath orb may yield 4 baths! Use all at once or crumble and use as little as you need. 12 OZ net wt.