Road To Jupiter Bundle

This is a ritual I started performing twice month on Thursday or a full moon. This is what helped me to leave my 9-5 to grow my business full time. I used this ritual to first replace my job income with my business income. Also, I used this to remove all obstacles known and unknown on my path to creating the life I desired.


The right people started showing up in my life. People who helped me see things my limited beliefs kept me from seeing. People who encouraged me to keep going because they believed in me, and people who told me how much I inspired them to not chase their dreams, but manifest their dreams.

Now I’ve been allowed to share this ritual with you and I’m super excited about it!

This Road To Jupiter bundle will change your life! It will remove obstacles, open roads, clear paths, and bring in prosperity and the desires you focus on while meditating with the Road To Jupiter candle. Inside the lid of this candle is the sigil of the Angel Vevaliah who is an angel that works with anyone no matter the belief system. This angel doesn’t belong to any particular religion or culture and is excellent at helping to clear paths and remove obstacles. I include the angel prayer card along with an affirmation card to recite as often as you need.

All items in this bundle has been created, worked, prayed over and blessed by me. There is intention in every detail of this ritual bundle to help you change your life!

Be ready to transform when you buy this kit!

Items included are: Road To Jupiter

Spelled candle with Angel Vevaliah Sigil, cinnamon, and pyrite dust

Road Opener Oil with key Amulet 🧿

Sacred Money drawing herb blend to bath

Ori Spray to cleanse and clear crown chakra and open the path to your higher self

How to make the money bath

boil herbs as if with a tea, allow to cool, and strain. Take a portion of the liquid and add to a bowl of water to use as needed each day for a total of 9 days. Take a shower and then pour a portion of that liquid concentrate diluted with enough water to cover your body all over. Allow it to drip and drain off you. Air dry. Then go to bed after reading your affirmation card. 

How to use the Ori Spray:

Spray the Ori Spray three times over the top of your head for protection, clarity, and to move stagnant energies surrounding you and your Ori. 

"Ori is symbolically represented by our head. Our head is also the reference of our physical personality. In the physical world, Ori is responsible for all personalities that we show outwards; for our good character, bad character; for our impatience, self-confidence, responsibility and lack of responsibility. Our Ori is the main reference for our spiritual and social identity; therefore it is of great importance to take good care of it."



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