Red Brick Dust

Handmade and blessed by Serena. Crushed into a fine powder. 

Uses: Lay a line across your doorways, windows and entrances to your home or business and no one who means to cause you harm can enter. 

Red brick dust is used to spiritually fortify the home. – “red brick dust” – is exactly what it is – dust made out of red bricks. This old conjure trick’s legend is said to have started in New Orleans in the French Quarter. Voodoo priestesses like Marie Laveau used red brick dust to protect their homes and places of practice. Red brick dust, also called reddening or brick dust, has been used for centuries and is theorized to be a modern version of the sacred red ochre used in ancient ritual."

  • Can be used to ward off curses and bad juju.
  • Mixing brick dust with chamber lye (urine), ammonia, or vinegar is called 'reddening' and used along with bluing can be used as a powerful cleanser and protector.
  • To protect from theft lay a line of brick dust around the entire house or business.
  • On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, get up before dawn, don't speak with anyone, and wash your doorstep with your own urine and water. After it dries sprinkle the dust across the doorstep. To make this stronger, write the Police Chief's name on a piece of paper, burn it, and add the ashes to the scrub water. (Substituting vinegar for the urine is an option).
  • Mix the dust with cinnamon powder and brown sugar for a floor wash and scrub the doorstep inward for speedy, steady cash flow.
  • Sprinkle the dust outside (or inside) the home and use an old fashioned straw broom and sweep it out. You can either dispose of the broom if you wish, or reserve it specifically for that purpose.
  • If there is an object that is cursed or tainted, sprinkle it with the brick dust to deter the negativity attached to it.
  • I personally use it in my hot foot powder as well.

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