Ninth And Moon Presents: Practical Healing


Ninth And Moon Presents: Practical Healing. A 45 card deck created for spiritual transformation. Activities and spiritual exercises included.

There’s chakra work to align and balance, shadow work to heal and grow, affirmations, and much more.

The best way to work with these cards is to ask the Divine to show you what needs to be worked on today. Choose 1-3 cards, or more if you’re feeling motivated, and do the work throughout the day. As these exercises are repeated and done thoroughly, you’re guaranteed to see results. Even though I didn’t specifically state what universal laws are being practiced on the cards, you will indeed reap the benefits when doing the exercises.

The cards come shrink wrapped along with a black satin pouch and a piece of selenite. The selenite will help keep the cards cleansed and charged for you. You can even add more of your favorite crystals, herbs, or anything that’s important to you inside the satin pouch. 

please allow 7-14 (estimated) business days for production and delivery of your special card deck. This includes FREE SHIPPING 


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