"Modern Tantra" By Donald Michael Kraig

Donald Michael Kraig (Author)

Modern Tantra shows how to practice the ancient Pagan spiritual system of Tantra for greater freedom, health, and happiness. Correcting the many misconceptions that surround Tantra, author Donald Michael Kraig shows that its wisdom can be experienced today, helping you access your natural energy for healing and spiritual advancement. Encouraging growth, experimentation, and personal evolution through exercises and meditations, Modern Tantra is a new look at a time-honored spiritual path.

With a non-dogmatic approach, this book shows you how to work with Tantric:

• Chakras
• Mythology
• Herbalism
• Healing
• Astrology
• Divination
• Mudras and mantras
• Sexuality
• Ritual magick
• Festivals
• Spells
• The three gunas and three doshas
• Goddesses and gods
• Sacred images
• And much more

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