Lotus Flower Balm

A handcrafted and delicate vaginal healing balm. This creamy, exotic, floral scented Healing balm helps in preventing BV (bacterial vaginosis), it balances the pH levels, it prevents yeast infections eases period Symptoms and may increase fertility. It’s gentle enough to be used every day it even helps heal minor cuts, bruises, and small tears. This herbal infusion also helps with postpartum depression

With daily use of this therapeutic formula, you can reap benefits such as decreased itching, dryness, and inflammation, plus protection from future yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. It’s safe to use externally and internally as a lubricant.

 Lotus Flower Balm uses natural ingredients to neutralize odor as it softens and conditions the skin. It also soothes and hydrates, leaving the area refreshed and revitalized. 

Lotus Flower Balm holds the energy of some of the most powerful Goddesses to help invoke love, sensuality, sexuality, and good ol pussy power 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA

Made with: Coconut oil, Beeswax, Shea butter, Honey Organic: raspberry leaf, chaste tree berry lemon verbena, linden flower and leaf, nettle leaf, cinnamon, lemon peel, squawvine herb, stevia essential oils of lavender and lotus flower absolute for fragrance

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