A lodestone is used to attract money. Feeding the lodestone with bits of shavings will draw prosperity to you.
In love workings assign each stone a name to represent the people who are the focus of the spell, and gradually move them closer to one another. Eventually, when they are beside each other, they will stick together.
Depending on the use, you have to train lodestone for 3-7 days

According to Occultopedia, lodestones were used in classical Greek mythology for divination purposes. Helenus of Troy, the son of King Priam and twin sister of the prophetess Cassandra, foretold the Trojan War using a lodestone washed with spring water. Following a complex ritual, Helenus asked the lodestone a series of questions, and it responded in a child's voice, describing the fall of the city. Helenus, an accomplished seer, was also part of the Trojan army. He betrayed Troy to the city's enemies, the Achaeans, so they could take the city using the information Helenus gleaned from the lodestone oracle.

Finally, an African folktale tells of a man who decided to use a piece of lodestone placed under his bed to cure his impotence. It worked so well, and his wife was so happy, that he began to carry it in his pocket wherever he went—naturally, this attracted many other women to him, which led to his wife getting angry and refusing his advances.

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