Holistic Hemp Massage

My divine healing hands will help you free yourself from the shackles of pain and rebirth a new you 

My Hemp Massages mixed with my hypnotherapy and reiki healing are commonly used to reduce PTSD, work and relationship stress, pain, insomnia, migraines, sore muscles, fertility problems, digestive disorders, and helps break free of addiction.

My Holistic Hemp Massage Therapy offers a natural and holistic approach to massage and healing. I’m a certified holistic Massage Therapist based in Statesville NC. I am Reiki attuned, I tend to let your body be my guide to its own needs, personalising your treatment with healing divinity and care, listening to your body's Needs...

Developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine more than 2000 years ago. Using a glass bowl with suction that lifts and raises the skin for breaking up congestion and dramatically increasing circulation. Add cupping to your massage session. $15.00 

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