What Handmade Soap Makers Won't Tell You

June 13, 2017

Let's be honest there is a plethora of handmade soap companies and hobbyist out there.

You have so many choices to choose from like color, scent, shape, and many more factors that can make it difficult to choose. I have seen and used soap I thought was just too beautiful to use. The design and attention to detail was impeccable to say the least. True art using soap.

You have cake soap, tiered soap that looks and smells like edible chocolate cake, soap that looks and smell like fruit, and other fine delectable food we enjoy feasting on. That is all well and good, but how is it for your skin? How can you sift through all the glam and fabulousness that has become the handmade soap world to find what you need to moisturize dry skin, to stop eczema, to dehydrate oily skin or to clear acne prone skin? Well by law and the FDA Regulations we can't tell you. We are not allowed to make any medical claims or statements suggesting that it will heal or cure anything even if it will.

What I can tell you is the care "I" take in crafting my skincare products to help people with these very common skin issues.

Here are some simple ingredients to help you decipher what will be good for you. Let's start with the oils and kinds of butter. Shea Butter can treat many skin problems, including blemishes, wrinkles, itching, sunburns, small skin wounds, eczema, skin allergies, insect bites, frost bite, and other skin conditions. Mango Butter aids in dry patches, flakiness, and even sensitive skin can benefit from daily application of mango butter, which goes to work by deeply moisturizing. Mango butter works great as a lip balm as well. It's also chocked full of vitamins A and E. Cocoa Butter taking from Dr.Axe contains compounds called cocoa mass polyphenols, which some studies have found can help diminish signs of aging, plus soothe sensitive skin suffering from dermatitis or rashes. Polyphenols are types of antioxidants that promote health both internally when eaten and when used topically on the skin. Cocoa’s polyphenols have been found to fight various chronic diseases, degeneration of the skin, sensitivities and even cell mutations.

Research shows that its polyphenols have several positive indicators for skin health, including improved skin elasticity and skin tone, better collagen retention/production, and better hydration. When comparing cocoa butter to commercially available products, both showed positive results, but only cocoa butter is free from potentially harmful or irritating ingredients.

Now let's delve into some oils. Castor Oil can help to disinfect the skin and even kill bacteria that cause skin conditions such as acne. Argan Oil benefits combination skin by hydrating and balancing the oil production thus reducing the differences between the dry and oily areas of face and body. Argan oil is great no matter your skin type. Apricot Oil with Vitamin A and Vitamin E present it can slow down the signs of aging. Since this oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to soothe minor skin conditions, like eczema. These are just a few oils and their benefits. Next week we're going to delve into the exciting world of essential oil! So be sure to check back in the meantime check out to get soap that is well balanced for any skin type.

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