How to Set up a Deity Altar

July 04, 2019

How to Set up a Deity Altar

A deity altar is a way to connect with a god or goddess that is a higher aspect of yourself you want to align with to tackle a problem. I always recommend setting up an Ancestor altar and honoring your ancestors before working with any deity. The reason being your ancestors will lead you to who you need to connect with or help lead you to your spiritual path.

Now, to get started with working with deities let's gather what we will need. Research. First and foremost. Know what the likes and dislikes are for whoever you choose. I'm going to use the Goddess Lakshmi or Laxmi as an example. If you've been in my store you've seen her altar beside the door as you enter and exit. This placement, and all the things you see on her altar have specific intention. I researched her likes, dislikes, who she likes to be with which is Vishnu and Ganesh, along with her favorite offerings and prayers. Also, The Sri Yantra (pictured below) which is sacred geometry that invokes the power of Lakshmi.   

sri yantra, lakshmi, sacred geometry

Gather herbs, pictures or statues, candles, libations, heirlooms, ritual items and even crystals and gemstones that resonate with the deity.

Choose the space and type of altar you will construct. everyone's situation is different. Do the best with what you have; the intent will always be the most important aspect. Will it be outdoors? Indoors? Private or on display? That's your choice. Do what resonates with you. You can use a cigar box, window sill, bookshelf, etc. Do what work for YOU!

Cleanse the space and invite the deity to accompany you after you've cleansed and consecrated everything on the altar using florida water, sage, or holy can find those here or 

I like to come from a place of asking to work with me and not for me. I don't come from a place of worship as I see myself as a Goddess also. I treat this situation just like I would in the physical when I ask someone to work on a project with me. There has to be an exchange of energy of some sort for it to be fair and reciprocal. 

Now the best part is working your altar! You've found your space, cleansed it, gathered your offerings and decorations, and invited the deity. Before you begin make sure you have a candle burning at all times when working your altar. The candle is a sacred tool that invites energy into the space. If you need candles get them at Begin reciting the prayer as often as possible at your altar, meditate and spend time listening, stare into flame, sigil, or sacred geometric symbol and start becoming one with your deity. Do not let any food spoil or go bad on your altar. It's not difficult at all, be creative! There's numerous ways to set up deity altar. Give it time to start working and manifesting, stay grounded and protected, spend time in nature and enjoy the experience💞💫. 

Have some experience you'd like to share? Drop it below in the comments! 😃

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